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Vale Foundation’s projects and initiatives are developed and structured on Education, Basic Health, Productive Inclusion, and Social Protection, and include five Knowledge Stations. The projects are implemented in the territories in which Vale operates. On this page, you can learn more about the projects and filter considering the theme, the state or the city of operation.

Doing Sciences

The Doing Sciences Project is an initiative of the Vale Foundation, in partnership with the Educational Community ( CE CEDAC), aims to reflect on new ways to teach and learn Science and Mathematics in the municipal school system of Itabira, allowing students to be protagonists of their learning and to discover pleasure throughout this process, giving Science and Mathematics real meaning.

To achieve this goal, Doing Sciences provides for the systematic training of elementary school teachers and other professionals, such as the staff of the Municipal Secretariat of Education, school managers, and pedagogical coordinators. Besides the educators’ training, it is equally important that the students have access to situations and materials so that they can investigate, think, and systematize new knowledge. In this way, the project also provides content and materials for schools, contributing to the development of investigative activities of real problem situations with students in the areas of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Health Cycle Social Protection

The Health Cycle Program contributes with complementary actions to those developed by the municipalities, with a focus on strengthening Primary Care and through technical cooperation for the qualification of Family Health Strategy (ESF) teams in topics related to attention, prevention, and health promotion. In partnership with the Center for Health Promotion (CEDAPS) and the municipal secretariats, the initiative also includes the supply of instruments and furniture that help improve diagnosis and clinical practice, which leads to improved care and compliance with the right to health in the territories.