Do together.

This is what the Vale Foundation believes in when it develops strategies, programs and projects to ensure that its mission of promoting social development in the territories in which Vale operates on a daily basis.

Through Public-Private Social Partnerships, uniting public entities, private companies and other funders, Fundação Vale mobilizes resources and invests in initiatives aimed at the integral development of the human being.

Together with local partners, it implements programs and projects that benefit thousands of children, youth, adults, women’s and entrepreneur groups, as well as providing improvements in health and education units.

Its actions contribute to the achievement, at the local level, of nine of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, expressed in the UN 2030 Agenda:

Investor Partners


Hidrau Torque Group (GHT)


Wheaton Precious Metals International

NPI Expand

Institutional Partners

Canaã Agency

Reference Center for Comprehensive Education


Lemann Foundation


Natura Institute

National Pact for First Childhood

All for Education

Executing Partners

  1. Youth Networking Agency 
  2. AIC
  3. Common Good Association  
  4. Ahead  
  5. Futura Channel  
  7. Amazon Entrepreneurship Center  
  8. Apprentice School City  
  9. CIEDS
  10. Continuum
  11. CPCD
  12. Criare


  1. Falconi
  2. FGV
  3. Josué Montello Foundation  
  4. Roberto Marinho Foundation  
  5. GRSP Global Road Safety Partnership
  6. GRSP Global Road Safety Partnership  
  7. ICAD –Antônia Diniz Cultural Promotion Institute  
  8. Impact Hub  
  9. Institute 42Rio  
  10. Arte Tear Institute 
  11. Training Institute  


  1. Meio Institute  
  2. IPTI
  3. Kairós
  4. Mandú (former ISES)  
  5. Mauro Santos
  6. Roots  
  7. Asta Network  
  8. Social Knowledge network  
  9. France-Brazil Solidarity  
  10. Technoserve