Activity Reports

2023 Highlights​

In 2023, the Vale Foundation developed actions as part of a number of initiatives, including the Education and Healthcare Program and Knowledge Stations, in 50 municipalities in the states of Pará, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

The improvements made to the implementation of programs allowed us to be able to monitor external impact indicators, leading to a better understanding of our partner work in the regions. Special mention amongst the programs should go to the Literacy Trails, which included the 4th and 5th primary school grades in Maranhão and impacted around 168,900 students in the states of Pará, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

The Social Protection Health Cycle was extended to more than 24 municipalities in Maranhão, supporting 336 UBS (public health centers), training 4,700 professionals and establishing relations with 60 CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Centers). Furthermore, the Vale Foundation has incorporated already existing action concept testing in order, together with Vale, to help 500,000 people move out of situations of extreme poverty by 2030.

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The three pillars that support the program are:


literacy and combating the inability to attend school​

Health care and social protection

allied to the guaranteeing of rights

An inter-sectoral approach and an ‘active search’​

The Literacy Trails project, which has been implemented in the 24 municipalities along the Carajás Railroad (EFC) in the state of Maranhão since 2020, was expanded into the southeast region of Pará (eight municipalities), a region of Rio de Janeiro, (two municipalities), and an area of Espírito Santo (two municipalities). Implementation of the Networked Territories Project also started in the same regions of Pará, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro states, along with five mining municipalities along the Vitória-Minas Railroad.​

The Social Protection Health Cycle developed actions based upon the experiences accumulated by the Health Cycle and the Strengthening Social Protection projects, encouraging even greater integration of health care and social welfare. The project aimed to develop abilities and promote the permanent education of administrators and professionals, whilst promoting a culture of inter-sectoral operations and improving Health Care indicators.

Acknowledge, consider and move forward

With dialog and the strengthening of public policies at the heart of the brand, the Foundation is one of the channels that Vale provides to interact with society and, above all, to continue constructing networks that support us in our objective as a company.

Maria Luiza Paiva,
Chairwoman of the Vale Foundation’s Board of Trustees and VP of Sustainability at Vale

Greater integration with the regions, consolidation of the partner network, perseverance in the strategy of strengthening public policies, and advances in the gauging of results. These were the highlights of the Vale Foundation’s operations in 2023.

Flavia Constant,
President of the Vale Foundation

2023 results

1.8 million

people benefited

R$ 89.8 million

million in investments​


municipalities in 5 states​


education professionals trained

4,700 health

health care or social welfare professionals trained

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