Governance and Transparency


The Vale Foundation is a private and non-profit institution. It has Vale as its main maintainer, and also receives resources from other institutions and companies through donations directed to the development of projects in the territories where it operates.

Its mission is social development, and the focus is on strengthening public policies in different areas related to essential rights. To this end, it develops partnerships with the government, companies and third sector organizations. 

The Vale Foundation is the main sponsor of five Knowledge Stations – spaces that offer educational, cultural and sport activities, during school’s second shift for children and adolescents. They are independent institutions, maintained with resources from the Vale Foundation and encouraged resources from Vale through incentive laws and tax waiver, and resources from partner companies.

The Vale Foundation is governed by a statute and by the regulatory acts issued by the bodies responsible for administration, in line with current legislation. Its performance is also guided by its Code of Ethics. The management and supervision of the activities are the responsibility of three councils: the Curator, the Fiscal and the Expert Panel. The Board of Trustees is the highest body for deliberation and guidance, which determines the objectives, guidelines and operational policies to be followed. The Fiscal Council, the supervisory body, is responsible for ensuring the economic and financial management of the organization. The Experts Panel brings together notables from different areas of knowledge and helps in the elaboration of Vale Foundation operating strategies.

Every year, the Vale Foundation reports to the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, in accordance with Resolution No. 68 of 1979.

Executive Board

  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Hugo Barreto


  1. Executive Director
  2. Flavia Constant


  1. Executive director
  2. Pâmella De-Cnop

Board of Curators

  1. President
  2. Luiz Eduardo Fróes do Amaral Osório


  1. Vice-President
  2. Márcio Senne de Moraes


  1. Members of the Board
  2. Rafael Martinez
  3. Antonio Padovezi
  4. Andreia Rabetim


  1. Alternates
  2. Julio Gama
  3. Samanta Pilar
  4. Vanessa Rego
  5. Christiana Saldanha

Fiscal Board

  1. President
  2. Benjamin Élio Moro


  1. Members of the Board
  2. Bruno de Souza Manso


  1. Alternates
  2. Rodrigo Lauria
  3. Lino Marques
  4. Barbosa
  5. Vera Lucia Schnei

Consulting Board – our Expert Panel

  1. President
  2. Luiz Eduardo Fróes do Amaral Osorio


  1. Members of the Board
  2. Andrea Ramal
  3. Eduardo Saron
  4. Eliana Sousa Silva
  5. Heloísa Buarque de Hollanda
  6. Marcelo Moura
  7. Marcos da Veiga
  8. Pereira
  9. Rodrigo Hubner Mendes

Consult our normative documents and policy

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