Policies and Guides

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Fundação Vale’s partnerships follow principles, policies and standards contained in documents that support the institution’s governance and help to regulate the relationships established. These instruments are continuously improved.

Check the normative documents that guide our partnerships.

Know our Statute

the bylaws express all the objectives and commitments of the Vale Foundation, in addition to their administrative information.


Code of Ethical Conduct

It is the document that governs social activities guided by a set of values ​​that seek to ensure the credibility of the Vale Foundation.


Travel Instruction

It provides practical instructions for those who travel with expenses paid by Fundação Vale, considering transportation, accommodation, food and other expenses.


Human Rights Policy

It establishes guidelines and principles for the Vale Foundation’s activities with regard to respect for human rights in its projects, throughout the life cycle of its activities and in its area of ​​influence, in the regions where it is present.


Health and Safety Policy

It defines guidelines and principles observing the value “Life in the first place”, the basis for the Vale Foundation’s leadership commitments and results, focusing on the achievement of Excellence in Health and Safety, in line with the Code of Ethical Conduct.


Brand Manual

In this document are important definitions about the use of the Vale Foundation brand, and practical instructions for use and application. It also spells out the institution’s brand purpose.


Vale Foundation logo

Consult and download files of the official versions of the Foundation’s logo for application in official materials.