“AGIR” concludes activities in Sepetiba Bay (RJ) with the appreciation of quilombola and caiçara cultures

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • 13/01/22

    After three years, “AGIR” (Support to the Generation and Increase of Income) concluded in November its last stages, in Sepetiba Bay, in Rio de Janeiro. To generate new opportunities for qualified workers in the communities where it operates and contribute to the development and local economy, the program benefited six businesses in the municipalities of Itaguaí and Mangaratiba, strengthening the region’s caiçara and quilombola cultures. With the support of the businesses Espaço Catita, Fazenda Marinha Costa Verde, Rainha da Casquinha, Madeira Island Routes, Quilombo da Marambaia and Peixaria do Sahy, artisanal fishing, the empowerment of women shellfish gatherers, community-based tourism and of ancestral planting practices.  

    Thus, during these years, associations, cooperatives, and other formal and informal productive groups that participated in the program received direct investment in productive infrastructure and equipment, training, technical assistance, and mentoring.  

    The “AGIR”, the Vale Foundation’s productive inclusion program, aimed at fostering social businesses, thus providing follow-up to projects in their initial phase and to those that were already robust and autonomous but with untapped growth potential.  

    As a retrospective and demonstration of the development of these local businesses, the video “Case – AGIR Program Baía de Sepetiba”, which reports the experiences of each social business supported by the initiative.

    Empreendimentos sociais que participaram do Programa AGIR.

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