The Network + Income Program arises to continue the actions initiated on an emergency basis by the Network + Income project, and for this 1200 artisans and seamstresses were invited who had a greater engagement in their business and the learning journeys of the Escola de Negócios das Artesãs, to follow on the Rede Asta Platform and deepen their knowledge about entrepreneurship, participate in an entrepreneurial network, receive mentoring in product design, market access, live sales, and creation of virtual showcases. Each student received a scholarship in the value of R$100.00 during the 4 months of the learning journey and had available the value of R$100.00 to cover expenses with materials, paid only once at the beginning of the course. At the end of the entrepreneurial formation, they continued with the support of the team of experts to learn and commercialize their products on large sales sites in the digital market, such as Pertinho de Casa, for example.

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