“Future Makers” in Governador Valadares: Young people are part of a project that combines technology and personal development 

  • Minas Gerais
  • 08/03/24

    The Projeto Futuro Maker in Governador Valadares is helping young people to develop socioeconomic, socio-emotional and professional skills and competencies in the area of technology. As a result of the partnership between the Vale Foundation and SENAI, the project offers daily technology classes and personal and professional development to 24 young people from different neighborhoods in the region. 

    Through SENAI, these young people have the opportunity to develop skills and capacities that will make them protagonists in strengthening local development. Thiago, one of the participants, shares that he already had some knowledge in programming and robotics, but that the project’s classes helped him to develop further. He is learning about basic computing and marketing, acquiring skills attractive to potential employers, both professionally and emotionally. 

    The project represents a step towards the realization of Thiago’s dream of expanding his knowledge in programming, focusing on the development of websites and applications. He seeks to further expand his knowledge in robotics and enhance his practical skills in the field. 

    The 24 young participants of the project, aged between 16 and 21 years, were selected through the assistance of a social worker. During the four months of the course, they receive financial support for transportation, food and teaching materials. 

    The Projeto Futuro Maker has three classes, with the objective of providing autonomy to young people at work, helping them to discover their talents and polish them in the classroom. The project emphasizes the protagonism of the participants, allowing them to understand their full potential and properly prepare for a successful journey. 

    This inspiring initiative contributes to the development of these young people in Governador Valadares, empowering them for labor market opportunities and strengthening the progress of the local community.  

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