Vale Foundation social initiatives reach 860 thousand people in 2021

In 2021, The Vale Foundation expanded efforts to strengthen social initiatives. The main objective was to collaborate in the areas of education, health and fighting hunger. The actions were carried out, mainly, in the search to reduce the impacts of the pandemic. This period reached its second year, not only removing students from schools, but also pressuring health systems and aggravating the poverty situation.

Results of Vale Foundation’s social initiatives in 2021

Information on the Vale Foundation social initiatives carried out throughout the year as well as their results are available in the 2021 Vale Foundation’s Activity Report.  The institution operated in 50 Brazilian municipalities in six states. Pará, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Mato Grosso do Sul were the chosen ones. The iniatiatives reached 860 thousand people and the investment was of R$79.8 million. Besides another R$342.26 million invested in incentive resources.

This year, we are even closer to the communities, governments, companies and institutions of civil society that, like us, are mobilizing to change, for the better, the present and the future. 2021 was the year in which Vale’s new pact with society was strengthened with the social ambition to improve life in society. A challenging year, of many uncertainties and losses, but also of collaborative construction of citizenship and hope”,

describes the president of the Vale Foundation, Hugo Barreto.

United Movement for Vaccine and Humanitarian Action – Fight against Hunger are highlights of partnerships

The report details the results in the areas of Education, Basic Health, Knowledge Stations and Productive Inclusion. Vale Foundation aimed contributing to the development of the territories where Vale operates. Among the highlights of the year is the support to the “United Movement for Vaccine”. This action, for instance, enabled donations and health promotion actions in 40 municipalities in Pará. Above all, it contributed to the vaccination processes. The Knowledge Stations also worked during the pandemic with online activities and food donations. Delivery of pedagogical activities and hygiene and health items were also offered.

Image of a person holding a bag of food. Behind her you can see several people sitting down. They are all wearing protective masks.
Campaign “Humanitarian Action – Fight against Hunger” distributed more than 1 million food staples baskets and food credit cards to more than 220,000 families in the country. Photo: Isaque Junior

The Humanitarian Action – Fight against Hunger was, for example, one of the Vale Foundation’s actions in the face of the worsening crisis in Brazil. The action were launched by Vale as an emergency project at the national level. It mobilized teams from the Vale Foundation, Vale and reference institutions in the fight against hunger in Brazil. For instance, the Panela Cheia Movement, União Rio Movement, Ação da Cidadania and other partner entities.

The action distributed more than 1 million food staples baskets and food credit cards to more than 220,000 families. About 70% of these families received the benefit monthly for six months. At the end of the year, Vale announced its commitment to help lift 500,000 people out of extreme poverty by 2030. The Vale Foundation, with more than five decades of experience in the social field, will have a strategic role in this agenda.

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